First Visit

Your first appointment with us is complimentary and is your opportunity to get to know us, have your questions answered and discuss your concerns. During your first visit, our Treatment Coordinator will welcome you to our office and will take a panoramic x-ray to assist Dr. Middleton and Dr. Arthur with their diagnosis. At this time, the patient will receive an extensive evaluation.

If orthodontic treatment is indicated, we will provide you with a financial proposal and recommend a treatment plan and schedule for diagnostic records be taken. We will then work with you to set up an individualized program that best enhances your smile. If no treatment is indicated at this time, our doctors may enroll you in our observation program where they will periodically examine your dental development through your growing years. These appointments are also complimentary.

Every patient is unique and we look forward to helping you select the orthodontic treatment that best fits your individual needs. Please complete and print the form to bring to your appointment.

Diagnostic Records

After your initial complementary and thorough exam we will schedule an appointment for records to be taken in order to start the treatment process. Our diagnostic records are usually scheduled for 45 minutes and consist of intra and extra-oral photographs, specialized x-rays and state of the art digital scans and/or limited impressions. We use the most advanced technology available in orthodontics to provide you with digital radiography x-rays to limit your exposure to unnecessary radiation versus conventional x-rays. All of our records can be performed in the office.

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